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Kidsland program is based on Montessori Method, Philosophy, and Material. Our program deliberates like a triangle. The Students, The Teachers, and The Environment. It is the role of the Kidsland Montessori preschool to prepare and continue to prepare the environment to link the child through well-thought-out introductions to books, materials, projects, and lessons which nurture the child’s exploration and creativity. Children thus taught often surpass both the level of education of their peers and the knowledge of the adult in all areas then they learn to find answers for themselves.


Montessori learning environment is very different than the traditional model. Instead of passing information from teachers to students our teachers are skilled in putting the child in touch with the environment, and helping him/her learn to make intelligent choices and to carry out research in a prepared environment. Teacher then protects student’s concentration from interruption. This fosters a love of lifetime learning in the student.

Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to provide high quality care for children in a safe and positive environment. Our atmosphere assists the total development of each child at his/her own pace. Teachers are loving, caring and involved in planning a quality program which gives children opportunities to explore, experiment and develop creativity. Our program gives children opportunities to socialize with others and learn socially acceptable behavior, encouraging self-esteem and independence.



Whether you are looking for Montessori Preschool or daycare for your toddler or preschool age child, Kidsland Montessori Preschool has full-time year-round, professionally delivered educational program that will exceed your expectations.

Our Montessori learning environment provides:

Support for the Whole Family

Thoughtfully and carefully designed centers, programs, and schedules – all created with the needs of both children and parents in mind.
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Inspired Teachers

Dedicated early childhood professionals fully engaged in teaching careers, who benefit from our award-winning training and ongoing support.
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Proven Approach to Education

Research-informed curriculum designed by experienced educators to inspire children not just to learn, but to think on their own.
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School Care

Before School Care

5-12 years