Erin Rogers

“My son loves Kidsland. He has been attending since he was 11 weeks old and is now 2. He loves the idea that its “time to go to school” and he likes playing with the other children. I love the fact that he goes to there because I have the peace of mind that he is having fun, he’s learning and he’sstaying busy throughout the day when I cannot be with him. There isn’t a place around that is quite like Kidland and my son will continue to attend until its time for Elementary school”

Dan and Monique Harrison

“Our daughter has been attending Kidsland Montessori for 2 years and now she is ready for Kindergarten. Kidsland has laid a solid, stable and nurturing foundation to help prepare her for life.”

Kris and Ed McKernan

“My children, ages’ 5 and 2 ½, have been at Kidsland for the past two years. My daughter blossomed from a quiet, shy girl that only liked the company of the teachers, to an outgoing and confident girl with lots of great friends. She is more prepared for Kindergarten and has been reading since age 4 ½. My son, although only a toddler, uses his manners. I often hear him reciting his ABCs and counting everything he can. The teachers have been wonderful in both rooms. They are always polite, kind and respectful of the children and parents. They are available to meet and communicate effectively should a need arise. They encourage children to learn through creative ways and change the work in the rooms quite often. Kidsland is a great place for kids!”

Chris Colver and David Kull

“David has really enjoyed his time at Kidsland. He loves all of the interesting projects and variety of activities. He really enjoys the teachers. Kidsland provides a safe, nurturing and fun environment for him to grow and reach his potential.”

Hana and David Popelka

“Kidsland teachers, especially director Mehar Fatimah, played a very important role in the journey from infancy to preschool for our daughter Anita. Kidsland also provides a clean, safe and loving environment for our second child Natalie. The everyday happiness, progress in learning and exploration reassures us that we made a wise choice with Kidsland.”

Robert and Mariam Mangan

“As new parents of a five-month old baby girl, it was extremely difficult to make the decision to drop our daughter Anabelle off at daycare. On some levels, it is still very difficult, but the staff at Kidsland makes the process a little easier. When we drop our daughter off each morning, we feel comfortable and know that she will be well cared for. We know her needs will be met, but we also know the staff has a deep affection for her and that they will go above and beyond to interact with and engage our daughter”.

“Since attending Kidsland, Anabelle has learned so much. She has bloomed into a social butterfly. The structure of the infant/toddler room allows her to observe older children and learn many new social skills. In addition to the social improvements, Kidsland staff has helped us get Anabelle on a schedule, something we struggled with as first-time parents. Her eating habits and naps are more regimented, but there is still flexibility in her day. Kidsland does an excellent job in balancing our expectations and requests with their knowledge and expertise. They’ve helped her work on important developmental skills like rolling over, sitting up, waving hello/good bye, etc. Miss Mehar and Miss Marion are very loving towards Anabelle and I know they genuinely care for her. We know Anabelle feels the same because she lights up when she sees them”.

The Marsh Family

“We used to pass Kidsland every day on our way to work. Once our daughter started Kindergarten, we needed to make a change in childcare. We went to an open house at Kidsland (not knowing anything about Montessori education) and fell in love with the place. Mehar was warm and friendly and extremely passionate about what she does. The facility was very clean and obviously geared for education. We enrolled both our children (ages 2 and 5) starting September 2009. McKenna has wonderful interactions with friends there. She came home with a map of the world’s continents and knew each continent…something she did not learn at public school. She loves going there on full days when public school is off”.

“Our youngest child Ellie was 21 months when she started there. At first she had “morning crying” as it was an adjustment to not have her sister there….now she carries her own lunchbox in and says “bye” to daddy, eager to go and play. She has learned to talk in full sentences since eing there and knows many shapes and colors already. She is learning the value of sharing and loves her teachers.
We are very happy with Kidsland. Miss Mehar, Miss Marion, Miss Monica and Miss Padma care deeply about each child and it is reflected in how happy the children are”. Thanks!

Todd and Katie Truesdell

“We have been very happy with Kidsland from the beginning. Our daughter Millie has been going there since she was 13 weeks old and now she is two. Millie is advanced verbally, and I attribute a lot of that to Kidsland: The socialization and learning and teaching style. The staff really cares about the children. They have great activities, go outside a lot and have good field trips”.

Tim and Christine Peiter

“Our son Jackson was well-prepared as he entered kindergarten. He’s an accelerated reader-reading well above grade level-and was the only student in his class chosen for an accelerated reading program”

“Our daughter Sophie shows what she learns at Kidsland now by singing songs about geography and the days of the week. She’ll also make comments that reveal the academic component of Kidsland, such as that penguin have a layer of fat under their feathers to keep them warm”